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Setting up a CIC

A short guide to business planning and setting up a CIC

During Action Camp 2014, a selection of workshops were hosted in order to give Community Organisers, volunteers and hosts the chance to learn some new skills and explore some new ideas. 

In some areas Organisers have set up new organisations, often in pairs or groups using “co-operative” principles, to continue their Organising in a paid capacity.  This might be because they haven’t had an available host and match funding, or simply because they want the autonomy that comes from managing things themselves.

This workshop looked at both the theory (Neil, Locality) and practice (Georgina & Penny, Community Roots CIC) of going down this route, and covered issues such as:

• Working out what your “business” actually is and who your “customers” are

• Choosing the right legal structure

• Writing a Business Plan

• Learning to sell yourself

• Managing a fledgling organisation

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